Microphone nomadology: custom obsolete mic auction search

Alright, so this is going to be a long-running experiment in curated eBay and local auction website searching for you to peruse! The idea behind it is the following: Almost every country has their microphone manufacturer, and sometimes those are excellent mics which are barely known / ridiculously expensive / unbelieveably rare outside their natural habitat. So we thought to ourselves, “alright, we’ve got some friends from all over Europe who can help us compile lists and navigate their local auction platforms”, and this is exactly what we’ll do: Microphone nomadology.

Custom searches for obsolete mic brands from all over the world, tracing their lines of flight, targeting the where and when!

eBay Worldwide

Classic Sennheiser Dynamics: A Worldwide eBay Search

eBay Germany

Custom search for German OEM mics by Grundig, Telefunken etc. on eBay Germany

Vintage mic category on eBay Germany

eBay Austria

Vintage mic category on eBay Austria

eBay Netherlands

Custom search for old Dutch mic brands on eBay NL