Paso M201

The Paso M201 is an Italian microphone, and like many other Italian microphones it looks very good. Actually it even looks like it might be a very good microphone. It looks so much like a good microphone that it ends up looking a lot better than it sounds, though, which is a shame. I mean, it doesn’t even have a fixed cable, but comes in a solid all metal housing with standard 3-pole DIN connector which fits any Sennheiser or AKG-style DIN-to-XLR adapter. There’s even another version, the Paso M201U, which uses an XLR connector. Quite modern! Awkward fun fact: Paso seems to use the same microphone nomenclature as Sennheiser, where “U” means XLR jack, and the serial number M201 is ripped straight from Beyerdynamic…

The Paso M201, the classic Tyrolean lumberjack mic with standard 3-pole DIN connector.

The Paso M201, the classic Tyrolean lumberjack mic with standard 3-pole small Tuchel connector.

Well now…look closer! Behold (or not, sorry, I took a picture of the wrong side of the microphone)! Inside the circular bay on the microphone body, there is a first sign that this might be a case of seeming more than being. A really flimsy plastic on-off switch, you know the kind. The black mini slide switches with extra maximum grip surface, normally used in 99 cent alarm clocks and novelty LED-lit gadgets. I switch it on and talk into it, and a hollow voice from the netherworld resounds from our studio monitors. I try to use the proximity effect to my advantage and to my utter horror hear myself talking in a beefy, stark and musty Tyrolean woodworker’s jargon.

So, what can you use this for? I’m not too sure, yet. It is a quite sturdy microphone, and no soldering is required to get it up and running, so maybe some neat live sound reinforcement on your annual local craft market? I think we even used it on floor tom once, and it did have a kind of rustic charm to it. If we manage to find out more about it, we’ll post it here. Or if you happen to know more about it, go ahead and comment!


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