Prefer UDC-3000

Gentlemen prefer Prefer! Or, as it says on the box of every Prefer microphone I have ever seen, “products of the world’s best manufacturers”. Well, the world’s best manufacturers seem to have been quite proficient at building brittle-sounding electret microphones at that time, because that’s what’s in the box most of the times. The Prefer UDC-3000 is an interesting exception in this respect. It’s a dynamic, and it might even be something like the top of the line of Prefer microphones.

The Prefer UDC-3000 is the perfect microphone for selling used cars REALLY fast.

The Prefer UDC-3000 is the perfect microphone for selling used cars REALLY fast.

It is huge, has a very solid metal housing with a tiny dynamic capsule inside and it sounds – well, at first we were convinced that it sounded really, really good. Without applying any compression or equalization, it sounds like 90s pop vocals straight out of the box. It was held in high esteem and used for many a merry karaoke application, until finally the day came when a broken nondescript Sony wireless microphone entered our workshop. Quickly, its capsule was salvaged and frankenmic’d into an old YU Brother dynamic which sounded absolutely horrible, but whose housing (a very, very crude fake of an AKG 330BT) was at least made of metal and offered an XLR jack.

It sounded the same. Almost no difference at all. Our eyes were opened to the incredible truth: We had been fooled by the oldest trick in the book, the indecently obvious presence boost. Ok, ok, we thought. Let’s have it on hihat. But ugh, oh boy, low frequency rumble, spill and off-axis rubbish in all colours of the rainbow! It does have a pretty solid high-end for a dynamic microphone, so much is true, and it feels nice and solid in your hand – it has not been relegated to mere karaoke status, yet, although its future remains uncertain. The post-op Sony wireless microphone however has been banished to the lowest drawer of our mic shelf…it’s just too painful to remember the day when the beautiful illusion suddenly fell apart…


Nope. Cardioid and 600 Ohms, I guess, since this was the Japanese gentry standard of the olden days.


The Prefer UDC 3000 used while strumming and crunching away on an old Ibanez transistor guitar amp.

Style: (3.5 / 5)
Sound: (2.5 / 5)
Uniqueness: (2.0 / 5)
Usefulness: (2.0 / 5)

Trash:Gold ratio 4:1

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