Privileg Uni-Directional Dynamic 18642

If I move a little to the left and have a peek over my screen, I can see the old Quelle tower from here – vey, ach vey, the sad monument of early postwar capitalism, the glory of yesterday. If you’re an avid reader of trashblitz, you already know about Quelle. Once the biggest mail order warehouse in Europe, now a mostly empty brick building with lots of dubious investors taking their turns in trying to get some commercial use out of this behemoth. They had quite a range of HiFi brands, Universum and Senator being the most prominent of them. Privileg, on the other hand, was basically their brand for household appliances like fridges, sewing machines and kitchen hoods.

So, obviously, we’re dealing with an authentic uni-directional amateur household microphone here! And one that’s not easily pinned down a a manufacturer, either. It was also sold as Universum 18642, which of course makes sense because Universum was Quelle’s HiFi brand. I also found a similar looking mic in a Primo catalogue, the UD-8668. So – the Privileg Uni-Directional dynamic mic was definitely made in Japan.

A sturdy companion for all domestic recording purposes in your kitchen, bathroom or pantry: The Privileg 18642

A sturdy companion for all domestic recording purposes in your kitchen, bathroom or pantry: The Privileg 18642

The first thing you notice is the strange connector on it, definitely familiar – it looks just like the one on the Senator 23547! So, instead of soldering yet another single-use XLR-to-whatever connector, we tried our adapter cable, but – the pain…the Privileg’s connector is roughly 3mm smaller, the pins didn’t fit. Now that’s something different, both ignoring the DIN and creating mutual incompatibilty between your own products? Remarkable.

Update May 2017
I have just discovered the same connector on a Primo UD-863, a rather spectacular looking mic Steve sent me from Hawaii (thanks so much!). Naturally, I hooked it up with the Privileg’s adapter and it worked, although the UD-863 is wired differently and has a high impedance output transformer, so I got a lot of buzz with the signal. And another case successfully closed! The Privileg Uni-Directional Dynamic microphone 18642 was built by Primo.

Anyway, it sounds pretty nice. It has a slight and rather pleasant cloudiness to it, especially around the lower mids, where it has a strong proximity effect. It might sound rather muddy if used on a bass-heavy instrument, though. Not unlike the Senator mic just mentioned above, it is rather flattering and creamy for brittle-sounding sources. We tried it on some thin-sounding wind instruments, so check out our sound samples!


  • 500 Ohm
  • 50 – 15,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity – 72 dB +/- 3 dB
Style: (4.0 / 5)
Sound: (3.0 / 5)
Uniqueness: (5.0 / 5)
Usefulness: (3.0 / 5)

Trash:Gold ratio – 1:1


The Privileg mic on pseudo-gothic recorder solo and ye olde klezmere xaphoone!