Senap’s guide that started it all

Senap is a user on the womb forums who has done some pioneering work in uncovering rebranded OEM versions of famous vintage microphones, and he even provided some recordings and compared these old dynamic mics to the universal all-time favourite #1 studio classic on earth, the Shure SM57. Also, the discussion that unfurled after his initial post provides an excellent and deep first grab into the trashbag of microphone history. Echolette, Telefunken, Uher and many of the more obscure Sennheisers, they’re all there in a happy reunion. The thread contains lots of interesting leads about which microphones might share the same capsules, which might be even more interesting to those looking mainly for a certain sound and not only for style (which, in my opinion, is a perfectly valid motivation to go out and get some obsolete studio gear).

After reading this, having noticed that almost all of those old dynamic microphones were of German origin and having just returned to Germany myself, I decided I should go out and start investigating what treasures lurk in German basements, drawers and attics. And I can tell you one thing, they are chock-full of the most glorious random audio gear. This one single thread is really what got me hooked. Hereby, trashblitz officially thanks Senap for his work!

Senaps guide to old, not so famous, dynamic mics

The Grundig GDM 121 is technically similar to the Sennheiser MD21

The Grundig GDM 121 is essentially the Sennheiser MD21 with an output transformer for high impedance.

    • Hi Bernardo! Yes, I’ve come to realize that Senap’s list and the following thread must be something like the necronomicon of vintage dynamic mic hunters – a legendary, mystical tale, filled to the brim with secret knowledge about the dead and their resurrection, haha!

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