serg’s discovery, or That one generic looking mic capsule from the late 70s or early 80s

After some discussion on the true nature of the Uher M534 A/5‘s innards, serg has sent me some pictures which clearly show that the capsules of two other mics, namely the Kennet K 1000 and the Bouyer GM 731, look exactly the same!

I have to agree, but add: There are countless mics, built around 1980, whose capsules look a lot like those. Too many to count, probably, and in such diversity and different degrees of quality that listing them would be all but pointless. Or would it? My current suspicion is that it might have been built by Audio Technica back in the day, when they were still producing OEM gear. Or at least by Primo or another obscure Japanese microphone giant whose true name was never to mentioned!

Time for some serious background checking! If you own a mic whose capsule looks like one of those, feel free to comment and send me your pics and I’ll include them here.

Pics (or it didn’t happen):

Bouyer, Kennet & Uher walk into a bar… (thanks serg!)

Here they lie, with their silver hats off!

Note the plastic crown on the resonator disc – it is a common feature of older Audio Technica dynamics.

While the Kennet K1000’s design might be a take on the AKG D2000, the Bouyer says “Beyer” like only few Beyers do!