Sony F-760

Very little can be found out about the F-760, a cardioid dynamic mic by Sony, even though it is a high quality dynamic vocal microphone, definitely up to par with the likes of the Shure SM58. In fact, the microphone is so obscure, Sony have reused its serial number for various other products. It was probably never intended to be used as a studio microphone, but rather as an accessory for Sony camera gear or in general professional broadcasting applications. Its original price might have been 260$, at least that’s what I read in the material documentation sheet of a United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization report on the role of women in artisanal fishing in Cap Verde, so there.

Our specimen came with a very solid Sony table stand, a Sony microphone clamp and a Sony branded cable with a built-in high impedance transformer. It had been used for communications purposes in a museum; how it had ended up there remains unclear, since it seems that the F-760 hasn’t been marketed in Europe at all. I couldn’t find any trace of it in late 1980s consumer catalogues, and websites mentioning it are mostly from Japan, Russia or Canada, so it hasn’t traveled all that far in most cases.

The Sony F-760 performing as is expected on an awkwardly damped Taiwanese floor tom.

The Sony F-760 performing as expected on an awkwardly damped Taiwanese floor tom.

As for the look & feel, it has a nice and heavy metal housing and a funky looking triangular metal structure around the capsule, and it is decorated with a green “life line”-shaped line which I’ve also seen on other Sony microphones which were built in Japan in the late 1980s.

It’s not a neutral sounding microphone in any way, and it has a distinct presence peak to make it appealing for vocal applications, which gives it a lot of character, but which also makes it somewhat hit and miss. Sometimes it sounds fantastic, sometimes it just sounds plain wrong. The best thing about the F760 are its nice low-end and strong and pleasant proximity effect – we’ve used it on bass drum and floor tom for one recording, and it performed quite well. It is also very usable on acoustic guitar, especially as a second microphone in addition to a large diaphragm condenser.


  • 300 Ohms
Style: (4.0 / 5)
Sound: (4.0 / 5)
Uniqueness: (5.0 / 5)
Usefulness: (4.0 / 5)

Trash:Gold ratio – 1:3

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